The guy’s guy showed up at our lake house with a bat

Last Sunday, I spent all day with a customer on the west side of town; The customer called the A/C maintenance maintenance because there was no cool air in his home… She had the first task on the schedule that Sunday; When I realized that the A/C idea needed to be substituted, I had to return to the shop for device & supplies, and i returned around breakfast & I did not finish with the replacement task until long after breakfast.

It was close to dark when I finished up. The A/C maintenance shop was already closed for the night, so I went directly from the task to our home! Around 10 at night, I heard a violent knock on the door. It sounded like the police were resting outside on the porch. I looked out the peephole & saw a large upsetting guy with a baseball bat in his hand. I told the guy to leave our property or I planned to call 911. The guy started yelling & screaming & he began to accuse myself and others of having an affair with his guy, however my husbandy was in the background. I asked the guy who his guy was & he provided myself and others the name of the customer from the A/C repair, and he thought I was having an affair with his guy, but I had the A/C maintenance truck parked outside of the lake house all day. The guy wasn’t going to leave our house, so I had no choice except to call the police. They arrested the guy outside of our residence. He was resting in his truck with a pair of binoculars.
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