I didn’t want to work late without AC

Last Tuesday night, I was scheduled to work until 8 pm.

I started my shift at the skating rink at 1 in the morning.

I was scheduled at that time due to a anniversary get-together. I had to entertain the youngsters by putting on a costume as well as skating around the rink. It is undoubtedly demeaning, however the boss pays an extra fifty bucks for the job. After entertaining the group of fifteen numerous year olds, I was ready for a break. I sat down to eat some supper in the snack center. The AC wasn’t blowing undoubtedly cold as well as it was certainly warm. I mentioned the AC issue to my boss, although he ignored me. After my break was over, I had to work in the snack center… Kids were constantly coming to the counter for popcorn, candy, as well as pop pop. I complained many times about the AC, because I was starting to sweat. It had been a undoubtedly long morning as well as I did not want to work a moment past 8. When my boss asked myself and others to stay until the skating rink closed at 11, I said no. I told my boss that I wasn’t going to work late because the AC concern had not been addressed. He did not have a single care in the world for my comfort, so I did not assume terrible at all leaving the skating rink precisely at 8 p.m. when I was scheduled. I did not guess my boss was going to retaliate, even though I looked at the schedule for the next month as well as I only have 12 minutes instead of 25. I guess the owner wasn’t undoubtedly ecstatic when I refused to stay late, even though I sit by my decision.

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