If you can’t find your HVAC warranty, there might be a way to locate it

Last Thursday, my blow dryer that I purchased less than a year ago malfunctioned and because it is so inexpensive, I thought I would just purchase a new one.

However, it occurred to me that it might still be under warranty, so I found the box with the instructions, and sure enough the manufacturer issued a one-year money back guarantee for the blow dryer. I was ecstatic that I found the warranty paperwork because in the past, I have been careless with the warranties for other appliances, and have either tossed them out or misplaced them. Most appliances come with some kind of warranty, and depending on the appliance, the manufacturers will provide up to a 3-year guarantee. In addition, the consumer can acquire extended warranties from the store where they made the purchase. Typically, the warranty on HVAC systems lasts between 5 to 10 years, and these are limited warranties that cover mostly complications from parts that fail due to normal usage. Some HVAC providers will offer additional warranties, mostly for labor and miscellaneous tune-ups and small parts. I don’t know about you, but as I mentioned, I have misplaced warranty paperwork before, but the good news is some HVAC manufacturers have a way for you to log into their websites and search their database for your warranty agreement. Knowing how to locate your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty could save you some money on expensive repairs, and you should always refer to it prior to authorizing any major repair on your HVAC unit. I wonder if the manufacturers of other appliances have a searchable database like these HVAC suppliers. That is something I need to research.


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