I will inform my mom about these safety tips for her space heater

My mother loves to be in a warm and cozy room, but I prefer to be in a room that is cold and then use a blanket or extra clothing to stay warm.

I am sometimes baffled at why she prefers to be in the heat.

The Winters can be brutally cold, so I understand her need to want to stay warm. However, she uses a space heater as well as the HVAC unit, which I believe is a bit excessive. Sometimes her room feels like a furnace because it is so hot. Though a space heater is good for certain situations, they are not the safest things to use for heating our homes. Space heaters are responsible for 1,200 fires per year, which is a staggering number of fires for such a small device. I assume those fires were caused by improper use. There are a few safety tips for using space heaters that are mentioned on the internet. They include but are not limited to, turning off the space heater when you sleep or when you can’t monitor it, refrain from using extension cords or power strips because they could overheat, and check the heater to make sure that it has safety measures in case of overheating. I chose these three tips because I don’t think my mom knows about them. I know for sure that she doesn’t know that it is hazardous to sleep with the space heater unattended. Personally, I didn’t know that space heaters shouldn’t be plugged into power strips or extension cords, but it makes a lot of sense. I don’t believe my mom knows this either, so I will inform her of all these safety tips. I would like my mom to be as safe as possible, and avoid a potential fire while she uses her space heater to stay warm.



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