Having a reliable HVAC system is important for a commercial office building

If you work in a corporate environment, you will perhaps spend between 8 to 10 hours, sometimes more, in your office each day.

That office could be a single or shared cubicle or perhaps if you are fortunate enough, it could be an actual office with a door.

Either way, those small spaces are not necessarily comfortable, they are just designated areas for you to complete your weekly tasks. While in those office spaces, there are certain things that you can’t control such as the lighting of the office or the temperature of the room. Typically, those features are governed by the maintenance staff of the facility, which means if there was an issue your only option would’ve been to report it to them. I recall once being in my office and the A/C broke down in the middle of a blistering Summer day, and the maintenance crew gave us industrial-sized fans to help with the heat. However, the outside temperature was a whopping 96 degrees, so the fans provided no comfort in the office. Soon enough, most of the employees began stating their concerns about the heat inside their cubicles. It became problematic to focus in such conditions, therefore, productivity was drastically reduced. The commercial HVAC provider was unavailable to send a technician until the next day, so the partners decided to close the office for the remainder of that afternoon. Those of us who could, opted to work from home until the air conditioning was restored, but some employees were unable to work, and it caused a temporary delay in their workflow. Therefore having a reliable HVAC system is essential for the functionality of a company. It could prevent work delays and it could also prevent the company from losing productivity.


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