Did you know that a ceiling fan is a great way to conserve energy and save money?

I live in the southern part of the country which means that we experience about 8 months of sizzling hot weather throughout the year.

  • This means I use my A/C for most of the year, so you can only imagine what I’m paying for all that energy usage? Cooling a home is certainly not a cheap expense.

But what can I do to help to lessen some of the rising cost of using my air conditioner? After some research, I discovered that a ceiling fan was a great way to conserve energy and save some money. Therefore, I installed a ceiling fan, and it has proven to be so beneficial when I use it simultaneously with my A/C. Not only are ceiling fans trendy as they add a bit of style to any room, but they are also a useful energy-efficient device. Currently, I have it installed in the family room, and I have noticed a significant decrease in my energy bill, and surprisingly, I use my ceiling fan more than I use my HVAC system. In the summertime, the ceiling fan is great for circulating the air throughout our room. At nights, my thermostat is set to about 75 degrees and the ceiling fan helps to provide the additional cooling that I need. Our Winters are mild, so I don’t use my HVAC unit for heating. However, there are some nights when the temperature drops below normal, but instead of using the heat, I just flip a switch on the ceiling fan. It reverses the direction of the blades, which sends the hot air in the room downwards. The fan provides mild heating for my family room which is the perfect amount of heat for me. So, if you would like to add some style to your home while conserving energy, I suggest that you invest in a ceiling fan because your bank account will be overflowing with all the extra money that you will have from the savings from your energy bill.

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