Booking a hotel room became part of my disaster preparation plan

I live in a southern state that is heavily impacted by hurricane season, and as with all hurricanes we should always be prepared for them.

The silver lining is we have a few days to get everything done before the storms make landfall. There are several ways to get ready for hurricanes, some of which include but are not limited to having enough food and water for a couple of weeks, using sandbags and plywood to prevent water and wind damage to your home, or perhaps evacuating to a safe zone. A few years ago, after experiencing my 5th hurricane, I had no electricity in my apartment. I could’ve gone to my uncle’s house, however he too had no electricity, so I wasn’t convinced that would’ve been a great option for me. This happened in the middle of September, so the weather was quite hot which meant that before long, my apartment would become a boiler room. After sitting in the heat for a few hours, I decided to do the one thing that would bring some relief. I booked a hotel room for the night, and it was the best decision that I could have made for the situation. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in my hot apartment without the use of my air conditioner. The hotel had generators and power which meant it also had air conditioning, hot water, and hot food. That weekend, I learned an important lesson, there are certain luxuries in life that I can’t sacrifice, and air conditioning is something that I can’t live without. Consequently, each time we have been threatened by a hurricane, my disaster preparation plan includes booking a hotel room, that air-conditioned room is worth every penny.


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