A small portable heater transformed my office into a comfortable space

I discovered that I am a flexitarian, which basically means that I eat mostly a plant-based diet, but I will eat meat from time to time.

There are times when I fail to eat a well-balanced meal, so my body doesn’t receive all the nutrients it needs to function efficiently.

Consequently, I take vitamins to supplement the nutrients that I don’t get from my food. One supplement that I take is iron which was a recommendation from my doctor when she discovered that my iron levels were low. Iron helps to circulate red blood cells throughout the body which helps to maintain the body’s temperature. Because I am deficient in iron, I am always cold, which is a symptom of anemia, the medical term for iron deficiency. Due to my anemia, I often complain about being cold in air-conditioned spaces, and at work the thermostat was always set to a temperature that was too cold for my comfort. Therefore, I wore a sweater to keep me warm, but the sweater only worked for my upper body. I wore sandals to work in the summertime, so my feet were always cold. My solution for this issue was to request a portable space heater for my office. This inexpensive device was the best decision I made because the heater not only warmed my feet, but it also transformed my office into a warm paradise. Though I can’t change the temperature of the air conditioning in my office, I can turn on my space heater to create a warm and comfortable working space. Perhaps I should invest in a space heater for my home to keep my feet warm on those nights when the temperature outside is at an arctic level.

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