The pipe halfway to the street was clogged

A buyer contacted the plumbing repair where I work and I was assigned to help with a task, and the residential buyer contacted us because the toilet in the master home office was not draining.

The shower was not ringing either. This is usually a sign that there is a concern anywhere other than the actual bathroom, however both items drain to the same area, then as soon as I arrived at the house, I spoke with the buyer about the concern and I investigated the master bathroom toilet and shower. The buyer authorized me to use a special plumbing camera so I could see exactly where the concern was occurring, and i used almost 30 ft of camera before I finally came to the blockage. A tree root had been growing in the same section for a long time. The route was likely from the big oak tree and the customer’s front yard. The tree roots had grown so big that they were blocking the entire drainage pipe. I had to dig up the section and split away the roots. I told the buyer that this type of plumbing issue may happen again in the future, especially with a big tree like that in the front yard. This type of plumbing concern occurs frequently, especially when shoppers have aged metal pipes that are rusty and falling apart. The slightest amount of pressure from a growing limb can often lead to large problems and problems with the plumbing. The homeowner is actually going to see a lot more problems like these in the future without some intervention now.