Cracked one home office window means I need all new

I went all gung ho when I bought my house, but i substituted the flooring, scrapped the ceilings as well as painted every room in the house. I bought modern switch plate covers, lights as well as curtain rods too! Outside of the home I unlinkd tons of lawn, split down some trees as well as painted the exterior, however doing the trim around the doors as well as windows was horrible. One particular side of my home is up in the air as well as is on a slant. I was basically on one leg of the ladder as well as almost falling over, the most stable position was putting the ladder directly on my home office window. I figured it would be fine, nope, I cracked the glass when I was halfway up. I hurried as well as finished my paint job as well as now I have a cracked window. The glass is fogged almost year around now as well as lets in air. It also looks terrible. I know I need to substitute the window! Here is the thing though. I have numerous home office windows… So I can’t substitute one as well as not the others. Then when you look at the side of the house, you will see some substituted windows as well as some that aren’t. So I should substitute that whole side to create a uniformed look. Then why wouldn’t I do all the apartment windows? Why shouldn’t I add a window tint for privacy? There are sun control window motion pictures for the summer time too. It will be a honestly high-priced project for sure. I can’t go much longer with a cracked window though. I might need to do one window at a time. Having one window tint will be odd for sure though.


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