Retrofitting zone control

When the pandemic closed down businesses, I managed to restructure our responsibilities to work from home.

I realized that I absolutely like it.

I no longer worry about traffic, driving conditions or finding a parking space. I’m able to set our own hours, work in sweatpants plus avoid the distraction of coworkers. To reduce distractions plus maximize productivity, I converted a spare room into our condo office. I cleared the space plus set up our desk, chair, monitor plus keyboard. I used to head out of the condo at 7 AM more than four days a month plus not return until around 6 PM. I made sure to lower the temperature control before leaving to conserve energy. I’m now condo almost all of the time. It didn’t take long to notice an increase in our yearly yearly bills, suddenly the air conditioner or oil furnace are running a lot more often plus working way harder. The biggest problem was that I was heating or cooling the entire condo to the ideal comfort level while I was occupying a single room. After some research into the many benefits of zone control, I reached out to a local Heating plus Air Conditioning company. To install zoning into our existing heating/cooling plan I needed a central control that communicates between temperature controls, dampers plus the oil furnace plus air conditioner. Thermostats were installed into each room that send a signal to the control panel plus link to an app on our smartphone; Zone dampers were installed into the ducts to regulate the airflow to each room of the house. The dampers automatically open plus close depending on the setting of the certain temperature control.

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