I will always opt for heated floors over any other heating system

When I obtained our minute home, it came with something that I was not expecting as well as that was radiant heated flooring, but well it’s not something I am proud to admit, I had never heard of radiant heated flooring.

  • When I was looking at the house I had to ask the realtor what that was and he explained that it was a heating element that was sited underneath the flooring to keep the floors warm.

However, he did not tell me about all of the benefits that it offered and how it was fantastic during the Winter time weeks. I genuinely did not think that much of it despite the benefits that he mentioned. However my mind was sure to change and it would do so faster. We were in the chilly weeks of Winter and that day was particularly cold. I went and turned on our central heating plan as expected by simply turning the dial on our Smart temperature control. I normally use my cell phone to control our smart temperature control, however this time I was already near it so I just decided to walk over as well as change it manually. That is when I noticed a warm and comforting sensation in our feet as well as I remembered what the realtor had told me before I bought the condo about the radiant heated flooring. The radiant floors did an excellent task working with our gas furnace to create a perfect and warm home. After I got used to having it and understood what it was I genuinely fell in love with it, and now every houseI purchase must have radiant heated flooring, and if it doesn’t have it already you better be sure that I will be contacting our heating as well as A/C contractor to have it installed.

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