Heating/cooling plan isn’t going to last much longer

When all of us purchased a hour beach home down south, all of us got a great price because the property had been left vacant for quite a while.

The kitchen & washrooms were horribly old & barely functional.

The two of us turned our efforts to renovating those areas & crossed our fingers that the roof, water pump & heating/cooling machine would last a few years. Temperature control is handled by a honestly old, honestly large, single machine located outside. The plan provides both heating & cooling by way of gigantic HVAC duct concealed in the crawlspace. Despite honestly high exterior hot & cold temperatures & humidity for most of the year, that seasoned cooling machine is able to keep the home perfectly comfortable. It struggles in the winter. Although the temperature never drops below forty, the equipment often freezes over. We’ve solved this by purchasing an electric furnace that looks enjoy a wood burning fireplace. The electric furnace required nothing more than to be set in location & jammed in. It operates by way of a cordless remote & supplies adequate heat to supplement the whole-house system. After four years of reliable operation, the packaged machine suddenly quit providing cool air last summer. I called for repairs & the contractor found a small refrigerant leak. He refilled the system, charged the refrigerant & told us to hope for the best. The maintenance might last us several days or several years. I think all of us need to be prepared for the expense of a whole up-to-date heating & cooling system. While I suppose the cost will be high, I am looking forward to quieter & more efficient operation. It would be nice to have a Winter that can keep up with demand.


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