Heating and cooling monitoring system eliminates need for scheduled maintenance

Until about two years ago, I’d never heard of a Sensi Predict monitoring system.

I made sure to write a reminder on my calendar in the spring and again in the fall to schedule maintenance for my air conditioner and furnace.

Because of local weather, the wear and tear on the heating and cooling system is extreme. Each system operates for approximately six months of the year. A lot can go wrong. From a buildup of dust and other contaminants within the inner workings to broken parts, there’s always the potential for energy waste and malfunction. I make an effort to take the very best care of my investment. I want the equipment to last as long as possible and keep my expenses to a minimum. When my HVAC contractor recommended the Sensi Predict monitoring system, I was initially skeptical. Any time the furnace or air conditioner runs longer than eight consecutive minutes, this system monitors performance. It streams encrypted diagnostic data via wifi that analyses system performance. If it notices any problems that need to be addressed, it sends a notification to me as well as my HVAC provider. This constant troubleshooting ensures quick response. It catches issues and allows for repairs before I’m faced with a much greater damage and expense. The Sensi Predict monitoring system was attached directly to the furnace and outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The process took a little over an hour. Because of it, I’ve been able to eliminate scheduling seasonal maintenance and haven’t dealt with a single unexpected repair. I have the peace of mind of knowing the furnace and air conditioner are operating properly.


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