Air conditioner pollutes indoor air conditions

When every one of us first moved into our house, I hired a professional Heating plus A/C corporation to inspect plus repair the gas furnace plus air conditioning system.

He assured me that the plan was in fantastic working order plus should last quite a few more years! Although he commanded that I enroll into a maintenance plan, I declined.

I didn’t want to make the commitment to something that I felt wasn’t actually necessary. As long as the heating plus cooling plan continued to start up plus supply comfort, I did nothing beyond the occasional filter updatement, and last summer, my whole family suffered from frequent headaches. My youngsters complained of sore throats, congestion plus itchy eyes. My hubby was constantly coughing plus sneezing. I wasn’t sure what was causing it. I never suspected the air conditioning system. The only reason I called for air conditioning system repair was because the unit eventually quit altogether. The Heating plus A/C corporation I hired took the cooling unit apart plus showed me the buildup of grime inside. There was an spine-chilling amount of mold growing on the evaporator coils. There was algae thriving in the condensate drain plus a fantastic deal of dust, lint plus assorted contaminants coating every component. The corporation told me that every time the cooling plan started up, those harmful toxins were becoming airborne plus getting introduced into our breathing air. Plus, the buildup was restricting airflow through the system, causing it to work hard plus resulting in higher quarterly bills, and fortunately, a thorough cleaning fixed all of these complications. I have now invested into a maintenance plan that includes usual repair of the gas furnace in the fall plus the air conditioning system in the Springtime.


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