A whole home air purification system is just what I needed

The last thing I suggested was what fixed the problem for me

When it comes to having good indoor air quality in my house is a special case. I do believe at this point that I’ve tried everything under the sun to try to get my indoor air quality to be clean and how it should be, however I have not had much luck even though I have tried everything. At this point I will know among all of the local heating and AC businesses and I have tried almost every product they have suggested. I have first decided to give a few standing air purifiers a try. They were supposed to work well to clean the air and make the indoor air quality good again. I had placed one in the dining room, one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen to help with the cooking odors. However even after I used them I noticed there was very little difference in the indoor air quality. I had hoped that when I purchased a smart thermostat that would help but that didn’t do anything. However the smart thermostat being a programmable thermostat did make the use of my HVAC system easier. The next HVAC product I tried was the HEPA filter. The heater filter did work for a while but I noticed all the ones I purchased did not last very long and I wanted a more permanent solution. There was also the UV light filter that a HVAC technician had recommended to me, however I did not like the idea of having to rely on a light bulb that could burn out to keep my indoor air quality good. The last thing I suggested was what fixed the problem for me. It was not expensive and I had to say that it was a whole home air purification system. Once installed this made my air clean and crisp again and now my indoor air quality problems are a thing of the past.

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