I thought I was going to appreciate some pear pie when I got home from work

When I got home from labor the other day, I smelled what seemed to be homemade pear pie! I thought our wife was baking it in the oven plus I was looking forward to dessert that night.

Well, I was surprised when there was nothing cooking in the oven.

I thought possibly the pear pie was already made plus cooling off, even though I didn’t see it someplace. I asked our wife about it plus she said there wasn’t any pear pie. I sat there feeling stupid for a minute plus then I asked why it smelled care about pear pie in the house. Then our wife suddenly said, “Oh!” as though she remembered something plus told me she purchased air filters. I failed to see what air filters had to do with the smell of pear pie plus I was just looking at her. Then she smiled plus said the air filters were scented plus these a singles were pear pie scented. It all suddenly made sense. She asked if I minded plus I said they seemed to be alright. The air quality wasn’t poor plus I definitely didn’t mind the smell even though it did make me crave pear pie. She said if I certainly wanted some pear pie she would make it for me the next day after she went to the store to get some food supplies. This sounded care about a system to me! When I told the guys our story at work, they all laughed plus said I must have been frustrated when I l gained it wasn’t certainly pear pie. I did say the air filters seemed amazing though.


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