Why I constantly travel with a space oil furnace when I can

I have a newborn baby & she is the light of our life; I couldn’t get pregnant for about many years & I had just about given up, a few weeks after I accepted defeat, I found out that I was pregnant with our first child.

  • I did everything to protect him during pregnancy, & now that she is Earth-side, I still do everything I can to protect our little rare miracle, then for example, because she was born prematurely, she is easily sensitive to particular hot & cold temperatures, however she has a condition that can worsen if her body temperature gets too cold for too long.

In tscheme Dad fashion, I decided to carry a small portable space oil furnace with myself and others wherever we go so that if an emergency strikes, I am prepared to sizzling him up… This absolutely came in handy when we went on our first trip to a hotel with him & the oil furnace in our room broke. It was the middle of Wintertide & we were traveling down South to see our parents for the holidays when we dealt with the oil furnace dilemma. The two of us were fast asleep in the hotel room when I woke up to the sound of him crying, & I immediately felt cold. I worked on the oil furnace & it was completely turned off, so I called the front desk to have someone come & repair it. I pulled out the space oil furnace in the meantime to sizzling up our baby, & I held him in a blanket to help gently rock him back to sleep. It was absolutely pretty traumatic for all of us, although I was so glad to have the oil furnace fixed. Having the space oil furnace handy is absolutely helpful for us, although I understand that it’s not for everyone.

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