I take care of my parent’s HVAC business

Just last night my store was robbed.

I only found this out today and I am still in shock.

I worked hard to build up my business and there is nothing worse than watching all of your hard work and progress go out the window in a single night. It started when I got a phone call from the police who told me all about the robbery after someone witnessed it and called it in. I had security cameras outside the store and they caught the guy coming over in the middle of the night and shattering the glass. Then a second guy pulled a van up to the store and they ran in and out carrying all of my items out of the store and into their van. They had nabbed every single item in under 30 minutes. The store was a small mom and pop HVAC business that my parents had started. They had a passion for helping people with their heating and air conditioners and when they retired and eventually passed on they provided it over to me and my spouse. I appreciated this store and consistently did my best to take great care of it. Both of us had a wide variety of heating and cooling products, from simple things like ductless mini split air conditioners, to area heaters, and some HEPA filters to better your air quality. The police assured me and my spouse that they were doing all they could to catch these two men but the loss was immense to me. I can only hope that they are found while I repair the store and upgrade the security.


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