The joys of being an HVAC technician

It is just as I dreamed as a boy

Being an HVAC technician can bring much joy into a person’s life. I first got my desire to be an HVAC technician after seeing my dad work as a cooling expert. He took me to work and showed me his HVAC shop where he worked on cooling units throughout the day. He also took me to the heating and cooling business where he would go to find quality heating and cooling equipment for sale. I learned a lot about different air conditioner parts that day. What struck me the most was watching my dad fix a window air conditioner for an elderly lady and seeing her face light up with joy when my dad finished fixing the air filter in the window air conditioner and plugged it back in and started it. The elderdly lady thanked my dad with a joyful smile that I will never forget. If fixing air conditioners and furnaces made me feel this happy, I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. When I grew up I went to school to get a degree as an HVAC technician. I learned how to fix any problems with an air conditioner, as well as furnaces. The one thing that my dad did not know how to do well was fix or install furnaces. The only furnace my dad ever fixed was the old wood furnace in our home. Once I graduated HVAC college, I went back to my hometown as a certified heating and cooling expert. I got a job working for a friend of my dad’s and started my journey as an HVAC technician. It is just as I dreamed as a boy. Every day I get to see smiling faces as I fix their whole home air purifiers, gas furnaces, and many others.

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