A lesson learned about HVAC repairs

Sometimes no matter how much somebody warns you not to do something, you just have to learn the hard way.

I had to learn the lesson with my HVAC system.

I hadn’t even had that HVAC system for longer than 5 years and I decided to change out different parts inside. I looked up the original manufacturer parts for my HVAC system and model, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I was careful when I changed the parts too but I did run into some kind of issue. I ended up having to call an HVAC professional to come out to figure out what was going on with my HVAC. He ended up telling me that I actually used the wrong parts. While it was advertised that I got the correct parts from an online HVAC shop, they actually supplied me with the wrong parts. The HVAC professional said I should have left it up to them to work on the system but I may have voided the warranty. He said he would do what he could, and he was able to get everything squared away with the HVAC system. He was nice about everything and said if I promised not to go messing around with my HVAC system like that again without knowing what I’m doing, then he would not report the fact that I worked on the HVAC and technically voided the warranty. I appreciated the guy not ratting me out, but I did have to pay a high price to get my HVAC system repaired to satisfactory working condition.

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