Somebody didn’t like the temperature control settings in my bar

I have owned my own bar for many years and I have never had any complaints about my HVAC system.

I keep up with the regular maintenance and air filter changes because I want everybody to be comfortable in my bar.

When you are enjoying a drink, the last thing you want is for a bunch of dust to be hovering around your drinks when you’re slamming them down. Well, recently I was disappointed when I found that my bar was defaced with graffiti. It said my bar had no air conditioning. Well, that was definitely a lie. I usually kept the A/C settings at 71 degrees. If that was too hot for whoever messed with my bar, then I don’t know what to say. I do have to say that whoever did that should have just spoke to me about the temperature control settings instead of defacing my bar. I wish I knew who did this, but unfortunately I have no idea. It did prompt me to install a video surveillance system so this never happens again. My regular customers understand why I had to do this and they don’t really mind. Still, having surveillance around my bar is something that I shouldn’t have to do. After this incident, I asked numerous people in my bar if the temperature control settings were fine, and pretty much everyone said they were perfect. One thing in life is for certain, you can’t please everybody. I feel like whoever didn’t enjoy the A/C in my bar was somebody there for one of the big sporting events when we have the place packed with people. It’s hard to keep the place cool with the A/C when you have so many people in the building and you are cooking hot food in the kitchen area.


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