I Chose the HVAC Company That Offered a “Comfort Club”

I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of my HVAC system on my own.

I always watched my dad service the furnace and air conditioner with ease, so I assumed it was something I had to learn to do myself once I moved into my first home too.

I looked up how to change out an air filter and other basic HVAC system maintenance that needed done. No matter what I did though, I felt like my furnace and air conditioner weren’t being taken care of properly. My monthly utility bills were high and they’d been increasing over the years. My HVAC system was only 7 years old, so it should’ve been running more efficiently. I decided that it was time to contact an HVAC professional and let them start taking care of my HVAC system for me. I didn’t mind paying someone to come service my HVAC system twice per year if that meant my furnace and air conditioner would run properly and my utility bills would lower. As I was researching the various HVAC companies in the area, I ended up scheduling an appointment with the one that offered a “comfort club.” It was a one time fee that included two basic HVAC services per year, discounted parts and repairs, priority scheduling, and so much more! I decided that if I was happy with the HVAC professional who came to service my HVAC system, then I’d sign up for the company’s “comfort club” and continue hiring them.