The ductwork was filled with junk and stuff

When my grandparents died last year, my cousin’s plus many of our other families decided to go to The Loft so we could clean the area for our own parents.

My mother plus her siblings were honestly having a very rough time with the passing of both parents so my cousins plus myself felt that we could get to The Loft Plus Pack plus clean everything before they had to worry about it.

We certainly had a great time cleaning things up while we reminisced about grandmother plus also our grandfather. One thing that many of us noticed right away was the loss was really cool enough for us to believe to be comfortable in it. My cousin’s place myself often discussed the cold air and the indoor temperature control. Sometimes every one of us could barely sit with our grandparents for more than a few minutes because of the indoor temperatures. Every one of us sporadically remembered a time when there was a Christmas party plus the heater was turned up really high and there was a fire in the fireplace. My cousins plus myself had to go outdoors to play so we could cool off from the extremely hot temperatures. When every one of us came back into the house, it was extremely hot and it always felt very uncomfortable. It didn’t feel so much like that when the four of us were back at the house cleaning everything and getting things set up for the funeral. It seems more subdued and a lot more like home

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