My HVAC company is finally running a special

I have used the same local, family owned HVAC company for years now. I really love the people that own it and they do a great job on my furnace and my air conditioning system. There’s just one problem with them and that’s the fact that they never run heating and cooling specials like other HVAC companies around here. I mean, I’m always seeing furnace tune up specials and air conditioning maintenance specials online and in the newspapers, but it seems like my own HVAC company has something against running specials at all. I guess for them, it just makes more sense for them to stick with word of mouth advertising just like they have always done. I guess maybe when your HVAC company has as much business as it can handle on a regular basis, you just don’t really need to spend money on advertising most of the time. Still, though, as an existing customer, I will have to say that it would be nice if I could save some money on my HVAC bills once in a while. I know that there are things that I spend money on on a regular basis that could be priced more inexpensively, if you know what I mean. I heard the other day that several of the HVAC companies in town are running heating system tune ups for the winter and I happened to check my HVAC company’s website just to see if they might be too. Sure enough, my HVAC company is finally running a special! I could hardly believe it!

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