I will always be grateful to Bill, the air conditioning provider, for saving my life

I was working from home one hot Thursday when I noticed that the temperature inside the house could get really hot then almost all of a sudden fall to nearly freezing point.

I went up to the attic to check whether my HVAC unit was working well, As the day went on, I noticed that the change in temperature was around the dining room area and not the sitting room or kitchen. It was now evening and I decided to call the a/c repairman early the next morning. Finally, morning came, but I could not get through to the workman so I opted to call the air conditioning provider to provide me with the contacts for another technician. The supplier offered to check on my heating and cooling unit. It so happens that the rise and drop of temperatures in parts of the house were due to a few worn out parts in the ductless heat pump. The supplier advised that if I did not have the issue fixed, it would have blown my entire attic up causing my roof to cave in. He ordered quality HVAC equipment from the cooling industry to replace the worn-out ones. He then advised me on regular heat pump service as well as heater maintenance and gave me some energy-saving tips. The a/c set up was impeccably done but to ensure it worked optimally, it needed frequent air conditioning maintenance. The technician advised that a geothermal heat pump which was part of the air quality systems would be ideal. A fireplace and especially a gas fireplace would not provide heat throughout the entire house. Am grateful that I was able to realize the issue before I got buried alive.

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