The hotel room didn’t have a table for us to eat on

My boyfriend and I went out of town for the weekend and all of us had to stay in a hotel.

Then every one of us didn’t spend very much on the room, but all of us found something affordable online… My boyfriend and I checked all of the reviews and they were generally favorable.

Every one of us checked into the room and a bellhop met us at the elevator to see if all of us needed help. Every one of us declined, but it was a really nice offer! The room was nice, but our boyfriend and I were surprised that there was no table inside. Every one of us brought some sandwiches with us to eat for brunch. Every one of us didn’t have anywhere to sit except on the bed. Every one of us had to arena our sandwiches on napkins on top of the air conditioner. Things were going well until the air conditioner started blowing freezing air, however i thought our boyfriend turned off the air conditioner and he thought that I was going to complete the job, both of us were surprised when the air started blowing our napkins all over the site. A piece of our sandwich fell inside of the actual air conditioner. I could detect the stink of the avocado burning inside of the machine. I tried to reach the avocado with a small plastic spoon, but I was totally unable to retrieve the food item. I didn’t tell anyone that all of us made a mess while all of us were eating our brunch. My boyfriend wanted to alert the housekeeper, but I was way too embarrassed. I hope the next man in the room does not mind the horrible stink of overripe avocados with a hint of burnt lettuce.

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