Couldn’t believe how much the HVAC professional looked like my brother

There are times when a face that you have never seen before can look oddly familiar.

I had to call the heating in addition to the cooling supplier to schedule a service appointment for the HVAC component in my dwelling.

I have used the same HVAC supplier for quite a few years, and they have the most wonderful customer service and are expertiseable in addition to friendly. This certain HVAC supplier is the same one that installed the heating in addition to the cooling component in my dwelling. They have been servicing my needs for approximately 6 years. I called the heating in addition to the cooling supplier to make an appointment for a regularly tied up service appointment. They had an appointment for the same day, but I made the choice to schedule something for Sunday. It was my day off from my task in addition to I knew I would be at my dwelling all day! When the HVAC specialist arrived at my property to task on the system, I truthfully could not believe what I saw. The guy sitting there in the doorway looked precisely like my dead brother. I almost fainted because the guy looked so much like my brother. He actually died in the war 20 years ago. The last time I saw my brother he looked entirely like the HVAC specialist. I tried to catch my breath in addition to I tried to say something to the guy, but I must have looked like I saw a ghost or something like that. The whole time the guy was doing work on the system, I could only stare. I even snapped a picture of the guy to show my mother! She was just as surprised as me when she saw the guy’s face.


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