We seriously need better HVAC for our customers

Roughly 10 years ago I got into business with my sibling.

I honestly never thought that I would be running a fitness gym, but it turns out that my life was destined for becoming a serious workout fiend.

I started lifting weights & running a few years back & everything changed in my life. From that day moving forward, my health & fitness became a bit of an obsession… When my sibling told me that she wanted to open a new company I was quite excited to take her investment cash & create a new town gym. I really enjoy running this little fitness haven for all of my friends & neighbors! However, I never actually knew that human beings were so disgusting. It seems as though I am always having to call some kind of cleaning service or Heating as well as Air Conditioning service shop. For whatever reason, my clients cannot keep the bathroom free of mildew & mold. They are always adding so much humidity to the restroom that all of us have terrible airborne contaminants popping up around the walls & through the extensive HVAC duct. I can’t tell you how many professional HVAC ductwork cleanings I have arranged in the past 10 years. Apart from that, my clients are so sizzling that all of us require additional ventilation & air quality control devices just to keep the indoor air breathable. There’s nothing like walking into the gym in the morning & being bowled over by a wall of humid, stinky air. At this point, I am ready to invest in some air purification devices & additional dehumidification systems. If I do not get the air quality under control, I suppose this gym is destined to stink really bad.

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