The apartment charges a fee for the air filters

My boyfriend and I have lived in a lot of apartments and we have never been charged for air filters.

Most places give us a clean air filter every month for free.

In fact, the last three apartment managers insisted that we change them monthly and provided them at no charge when we paid the rent. When my boyfriend and I moved to a new place last month, we found out that they charge a fee for the air filters and you have to use the ones that they provide. Every month on the rent statement is a $10 fee for the air filter. My boyfriend and I knew about the see when we decided to move to the apartment. We needed a place to move and the building was close to work. Now that we have been here for a few months, I’ve had time to relax and think about the charges. I’m starting to think that it might not be legal to charge me a fee for the important HVAC product. I’ve been researching several statues and legal documents and I think the company is charging us illegally. I hate to nit pick about ten bucks, but this building has seventeen floors and at least a dozen apartments on every floor. Those fees add up quickly and they might be getting a discount on the supplies. They might even be profiting from our ten dollar fee and I’m certainly not going to stand for that. My boyfriend doesn’t want to start any trouble but I think it’s a matter of doing what is right and standing up against the man.

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