I’m having trouble affording all of the HVAC related expenses

Sometimes I wonder where all of my money goes; my job is really taxing every afternoon and yet I never seem to have more currency in the bank.

  • I am not a really spendy person, either.

I don’t go out on the town and simply blow through $100 on drinks. I don’t get obsessed with creating an up-to-date wardrobe or shell out currency for frivolous personal purchases. I rarely go anywhere or do anything for myself; and yet, I never have any currency in the bank because I am constantly plagued with central heating, cooling, and air quality control expenses; you see, several years ago I suddenly developed a nasty set of indoor allergies. It felt as if my respiratory health took a major downturn and I was typically worrying about all of my indoor airborne contaminants! No matter how many times I changed my air filter or consulted the local heating and cooling repair dealership, it seemed that my bad respiratory symptoms persisted. I found myself drowning and suffocating in snot, coughing my lungs out, and itching my eye balls every afternoon; and that’s when I finally took things extreme and decided to replace my air handling devices. Finally, I professionally replaced my heating and cooling system to include air media purifiers that task in tandem with the central heating, ventilation, and A/C system. I also had all of my air filters replaced to high-quality HEPA filtration devices. Now, I filter out 99.9% of my unwanted airborne toxicities; my respiratory health is now finally on the upswing… But after all these heating, ventilation, and A/C appointments, my financial situation is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

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