I l earned from a nice trip recently that you have to be able to live a little in life

I’ve always been a workaholic since I was a youngster.

I started working a paper route when I was a child and I mowed grasss and did yard work for money.

I worked strenuous in college to get a great task that I care about and I have worked especially strenuous in our work over the years. The thing is, I have always put our money away for our retirement. It’s care about our whole life, I have basically worked to retire. It’s not that I don’t absolutely appreciate our life, even though I have never gone on a fancy trip or have done anything absolutely exciting. That was until recently at least. I’m a director at the office I work at and the people there were telling me that I should absolutely suppose about doing something fun care about going on a cruise. When the people in the employer l earned that I had never gone on a cruise or any fancy trip, they decided to surprise me 1 afternoon. They all pitched in to get me multiple tickets to go on a nice cruise and I didn’t know what to say! I was so happy to tell our fiance that the two of us were going on a cruise and even she couldn’t suppose it, and she was so used to just staying condo for our trips. Together, the two of us had the best time and the cruise ship was beyond our expectations. Both of us had a fancy room with a nice climate control method that even included a smart thermostat. I don’t even have a programmable thermostat at home, so this was something that blew me away! It was nice visiting all the tropical islands as well and the two of us just had the most attractive time. It made me realize that you absolutely have to live a little in life, so I decided to splurge when I got back condo and I bought a smart thermostat!


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