Peers have let themselves get out of shape

I am always very careful about what I eat

On social media, the people I graduated high school with love to post photos of themselves. One thing seems to be consistent. Nearly everyone has put on a significant amount of weight. Most of the kids I knew have turned into an older, fatter version of themselves. There are few people I wouldn’t recognize if I met them at the coffee shop or post office. They are so different, they are unrecognizable. I look pretty much the same. I know I could easily put on my prom dress that I wore in my junior year of high school. I still wear some of the same clothing from back then. What happened to my generation? I understand that a big part of the weight gain is poor eating habits. I have seen that most people my age drink way too much coffee, wine, beer and hard liquor on a regular basis. Dining at restaurants and eating fast food is a quick way to add up a lot of needless calories. They must consume more fat, sugar and carbs than the calories they burn in an average day. I would also bet that my peer group is not working out. I am a member at a core progression gym and have enrolled in a group fitness class that meets several days a week. The other days a week, I either go for a run, a bike ride or swim in my pool. Once a week, following my fitness class, I meet with a nutritional counselor. I am always very careful about what I eat. Now and then, I fall off the diet wagon. Check-ins with the nutritional counselor keep me from getting into bad habits and makes sure I am getting enough essential vitamins. It is a lot of effort to stay in superb shape, but I am convinced it is worth it.

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