Duct cleaning to get rid of smells

Last fall, when the weather changed, I raised the thermostat setting and started up the furnace.

The whole house filled with the odor of dead rodent… Even though it was only 45 degrees outside, I opened all the windows. I favorite bundling up in sweaters and our Wintertide coat to inhaling that smell, and unblessedly, as soon as I ran the furnace again, the odor came back. I lit scented candles, bought room desmellizers, cleaned with disinfectant and hoped it would toil itself out! After two days, I couldn’t sit it anymore, however my whole family was complaining constantly. It was certainly horrible and unbearable. I contacted a professional Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and scheduled repair for the furnace. The serviceman took the component apart and found a minimal buildup of dust inside; He told me that the rodent was most likely inside the ducts. He wanted to know when was the last time we’d had the HVAC ducts professionally clean. I’d never had them serviced. The air duct is concealed inside the walls, ceilings and crawlspace, so I never gave it a thought. He said that dust and debris accumulates inside the network of pipe and not only restricts airflow but absorbs smells. The smells, along with all sorts of contaminants, then get spread throughout the house, but plus, issues with the air duct venues added strain on the furnace and leads to malfunction and higher running costs. The serviceman provided a duct cleaning service. He brought in what looked a lot love a huge vacuum cleaner. The component had a long hose and a wand with a brush attachment on the end. This works to dislodge contaminants and suck them up. The duct cleaning eliminated the odor of dead rodent and improved the performance of the furnace.

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