Air conditioner service makes all the difference

Last summer, my air conditioner was having a difficult time managing the especially warm and humid conditions.

The temperature was continually in the mid nineties with no hint of a breeze.

The air conditioner seemed to be running non stop and it was costing myself and others a fortune in energy costs. When cleaning the air filter and vents made no improvement, I tied up service with a licensed Heating and A/C dealer. The professional removed the outer cottageet and showed myself and others the inner workings. There was a significant buildup of dust on the cooling coil and algae within the condensate drain. Mold was thriving in that dark, damp and warm environment. The professional said that this accumulation was preventing maximum airflow through the system. With less cool air reaching the multiple rooms, the device was forced to run longer, use more energy and still not achieve the control component setting. She told myself and others I was very fortunate the air conditioner hadn’t malfunctioned. Plus, the air conditioner was most very polluting our air quality. Every time it started up, the plan was spreading harmful spores, bacteria and particulates throughout the house. She proceeded to lubricate the moving parts, wash all the components and verify the refrigerant charge. The improvement in the operation of the air conditioner was amazing; Suddenly, it had no trouble maintaining a perfectly cool indoor temperature. The condo was cleaner, more comfortable and even stinked better. My energy costs were significantly lower. I have now enrolled in a professional service program to keep the air conditioner operating at its best year after year.

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