Trying to get fireplace serviced

Both of us have a natural gas fireplace installed in our kitchen that handles the bulk of the heating requirements for the first floor of the house! The fireplace is a focal point and quite wonderful! For the most part, it works really well, but it simulates the look of a wood burning fire but avoids the drawbacks.

There’s no need to split or haul dirty, heavy wood into the house.

To start up the fireplace every one of us simply tap a button on a remote control. There’s no smoke, soot, ash or flames to deal with, but natural gas is a honestly wash burning fuel. The fireplace includes a fan that every one of us can adjust to spread the heat evenly throughout the room! Both of us installed the gas fireplace around fifteen years ago, however we’ve never once had the program professionally service. The corporation who installed it is no longer in business. I called the corporation who took over for them and scheduled upkeep. They simply never showed up. I contacted them more than two more times and never managed to get a professional to arrive at our house. I’ve tried to find any local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation who is qualified to supply repair on a gas fireplace. It is obviously a specialized field. I’ve done our best to take typical care of the heating program but the owner’s manual is vague on the procedures. I remove the glass panel from the front and vacuum out any buildup of dust however I can’t access the inner workings. The fireplace is entirely showing the lack of typical repair. I am worried that it’s going to completely quit and we’ll be left without heat.

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