Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier does a lousy task on the ductwork cleaning service

A little while ago, I got this ad in the mail talking about discounted rates on ductwork cleaning services.

It looked good to me so I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier up to arrange for the ductwork cleaning, then when everything was said plus done, I was kind of disappointed. I thought this Heating plus Air Conditioning professional would provide me with before plus after pictures so I knew how thorough the task was. I also got all these surprise fees that were undoubtedly unexpected. Honestly, I ended up paying more currency for this ductwork cleaning task than I have with other places that were not supposedly providing a discount for the service. After I paid the guy plus I checked my ductwork, there was still a bunch of dirt plus debris inside of there! I realized that I was undoubtedly ripped off plus I ended up calling the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to complain. These people didn’t seem to care at all so I took pictures of my ductwork plus I took pictures of their false advertising. I’m going to take these people to court because they did not provide me the service that they displayed, plus they charged me a ton of hidden fees. I’m not glad with this unique Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus I have already left them downside reviews on all the review sites that I could find. I just hope to be able to find justice in the small claims court. They seriously owe me my currency back for the lousy work that they did on the ductwork cleaning service.

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