What do you mean I have to pay for it?

We had to pay for the part and the return of the AC unit.

Our garage is so hot all the time. The windows are pointing in the direction that we get full sunlight at all times of the day. Instead, we use the garage as a work room. I do my crafts and woodworking inside. My husband keeps his tools in there. Last year, he bought a portable air conditioner for the garage. There was supposed to be a full warranty on the air conditioner, but we still bought the extended two-year warranty to go with it. For six months, that air conditioner worked perfectly. We turned it on when we walked into the garage. Within five minutes, the area was so cool that we had to adjust the thermostat. We didn’t have any problems. Then last week, the hose that goes outside to release the moisture, had a crack. The humidity was building inside the garage because the AC unit couldn’t release the moisture. We took the AC unit back to the store we bought it from. They told us we had to contact the company. The company told us the hose wasn’t covered. I asked them what the warranty would cover. We were told we would have to send the AC unit back to them, at our cost, and they would repair it for free. We had to pay for the part and the return of the AC unit. The hose we needed would only cost us $15, but they wouldn’t even sell it to us. I told them I wanted my money back for the extended warranty and they laughed. I’m stuck with an AC unit that doesn’t work, and a useless warranty. Instead of another AC unit, we decided to get a small ductless HVAC unit.

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