We have seen a large increase in air filtration appliances

Working as the director of an office supply store is usually an unquestionably boring work position.

I honestly do not mind having a boring work position, because it pays the bills and I have pretty good insurance for my husband and my children.

I get to work indoors where I have a steady stream of cool air conditioning. During the hot season, I am much cooler than a majority of people that have to do their work outdoors. Since the boom of Amazon and other online retailers, our store has been something like a ghost town. All of us do not see the same amount of customers and our sales have taken a pretty big hit. Until recently, the bunch of us had to consider cutting our staff by 50%. Our recent booming business is due to the Coronavirus. All of us are now selling air filtration appliances just like pens, pencils, and paper. All of us had a pretty sizable warehouse shelf with small UV air purifiers and other air filtration supplies. Some of the items have been on the shelf for the longest time, and now that shelf is completely empty. All of us have sold all of the UV air purifiers and air filtration supplies in stock and the bunch of us still have customers waiting for items on backorder. The UV air purifier and air filtration appliance sales have also boosted other sales in the store. Our iPad and electronics sales have seen a 20% increase and a ton of customers are coming to the store to have old PCs restored, fixed, or cleaned of viruses. Working from home has also boosted our sales quite a bit. It’s rather unfortunate that some companies have seen a steady decline during this brutal hardship, however this small office supply corporation is completely lucky.



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