We always get our A/C equipment tune-up for a good price

Now is the time to start thinking about having a tune-up performed on the a/c equipment.

The weather is starting to get warmer plus the humidity is starting to increase substantially! It won’t be long before the uneven temperatures are soaring into the 90s plus the bunch of us have to use the a/c equipment every single day.

My wife plus I always have a regular tune-up performed on the AC equipment before the weather is too warm plus humid. A regular AC tune up should contain a couple of major steps… During the tune up, it’s absolutely necessary that the HVAC serviceman test all of the electrical connections plus ensure that the mechanical systems are working respectfully. They should make sure that the thermostat is working plus registering the right temperature. The AC equipment serviceman should check the refrigerant levels inside of the a/c equipment. The condenser, evaporator coils, plus condenser lines should all be examined plus cleaned. During the tune up, the HVAC equipment serviceman should apply lubricant to all of the moving parts plus update any worn parts that may break in the near future. If you have a regular service professional from a reputable plus certified heating plus a/c company perform the tune up, they should handle all of these services plus more. When my wife plus I have the AC company perform our tune-up, they provide us with an inspection report that shows numerous items that are visually tested while in the service. They also change the air filter plus clean around the outdoor HVAC components. They provide a great, full repair inspection for a pretty excellent price.


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