They have central heat on the ferry

I appreciate going to this nice, cozy, seasonal apartment getaway in the mountains that me and my family own.

It’s a great escape for a couple of weeks here and there throughout the colder seasons.

In that space in the mountains, they have a warm ferry ride that offers a tour of the lake and the local mountain area. It is really cool, and the other thing about this ferry ride is that they have central heat aboard. It could be snowing outside and no matter what, that ferry ride will be warm and cozy because of the good central heat running! The central heat on the ferry has never let anyone down. As a matter of fact in their promotions for the tours of the lake, they play up the central heat as well. They say in large letters that they have central heat, and this is something that not a ton of ferry boats have on them. The central heat they have on the ferry is better than the central heat that we have inside our warm cabin! Thankfully, we don’t need the central heat often, because we have a wood stove. The heat from the wood stove keeps us warm at night. When riding the ferry and going on a morning ride, that cold snow can be pretty brutal! The central heat they have really fights this off with no concerns making it a good tour and morning!

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