The central AC is a selling factor for the ferry

The breezes from the ocean keep us cool at night

We adore going to our nice summer home for a getaway by the beach. It’s a fantastic escape for a couple of weeks here as well as there throughout the summertime. In that space by the shore, they have a cool ferry ride that gives a tour of the ocean as well as the local seaside area. It’s pretty nice, because that ferry ride offers central a/c aboard. It can get really hot out as well as no matter what, the ferry ride will be cool as well as smooth due to the central a/c on board. The central a/c on that ferry has never let anyone down before. As a matter of fact, in their promotions for the tours, they play up the central a/c really big. They state in big lettering that they have central a/c aboard, and this is something that not a lot of other ferries have on them. The central a/c they have on that ferry is way better than the central a/c that we have inside our summer home! However, we don’t really need the central a/c in our beach house that often because we’re situated right off the water. The breezes from the ocean keep us cool at night. When riding the ferry as well as going on an afternoon tour, that blazing sun can feel brutal, so the central a/c really fights off the heat. This makes it a good tour as well as afternoon!



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