Something needs to help these allergies.\

It has been six months since I moved south for my job.

They offered me a new position and they even paid for my moving expenses and they had an apartment for my wife and I.

My parents were pretty upset that I would be moving a thousand miles away. Our friend didn’t take it too well. They were really angry that we were moving. The nice thing was that as angry as they were, I knew they were going to miss us. My wife and I had to take the opportunity. The transfer went well and I was anxious to start my new job. If the company hadn’t offered to pay for all of the moving expenses, I know we wouldn’t have moved, but that was the push we needed. When we got to the new house, we weren’t prepared for the change in the air quality. The heat and humidity was causing my allergies to act up. The air conditioning in the new house wasn’t the best and it wasn’t able to take all of the humidity from the air. There wasn’t an air purifier in the house, and our allergies were at their worst. The only way we were able to survive the new house was when I bought a portable air purifier to help with the job. We had a window air conditioner from our old house, which we put in the bedroom. Along with the portable air purifier, we were comfortable, and our allergies were at bay. I’m not sure we’ll be staying much longer than what our one year contract with the company has ended.
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