My stocks are only going to go up.

My dad was forever looking toward the future.

He made sure I went to college so I could get a good job. When I graduated college, dad gave me some stocks and bonds. It wasn’t anything expensive, but he said it would get me started for the rest of my life. I had a couple of stocks for a coffee shop. Another one of the companies was a commercial air filter supplier. They were said to be making an air filter that would rival the HEPA air filter, and it wouldn’t be as costly. I understood why he would purchase this stock. He had been a HVAC technician for over thirty years. He knew that HVAC was here to stay. There wasn’t a single HvAC system that didn’t need to have air filters to keep it running. Air filters were one of the most important components in the HVAC system. At first, I didn’t see any growth in my stock, even though I checked every day. By the end of the first, I saw a small change in the stock, but it was only in pennies. When the pandemic hit, my stock suddenly started to soar. At that time, everyone thought the coronavirus pandemic would go away in a couple of months. I considered cashing out my stocks for the air filter companies, but I changed my mind. As long as the coronavirus stays around, the air filter company stock continues to go up in cost. Last month, the company I work for, did a complete update to our HVAC system. They put in a new air filtration system so the people who worked here would be safer.

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