Making appointments isn’t my forte.

My husband is forever after me, when it comes to remembering things.

Even our own kids’ birthdays would be forgotten if he didn’t remind me about them.

I now have all of the kids birthdays on the calendar. We have to get one of those calendars for the wall, so I can write down every important date. It isn’t just our kids birthdays that go on the calendar, but the grandchildren’s and even our parents. Anniversaries are written on the calendar, along with anniversaries. I can’t remember our own anniversary, so that and our birthdays are all included. My husband has begun putting appointments on the calendar. He wrote down all of the upcoming doctor’s appointments. He even wrote down when I was supposed to call the HVAC company to have our heating and air conditioning systems maintenance completed. Every morning I wake up, and the first thing I do is look at the calendar. I need to make sure I have everything under control. When I saw that I had to call the HVAC company to have the air conditioning unit maintenance taken care of, I picked the phone up within minutes. I remember getting a busy signal and I knew I had to call them back. When my husband got home, he asked if I had made the appointment with the HVAC company. I told him the phone was busy and I went to the kitchen and made the phone call a second time. Within ten minutes, I had an appointment for the AC service, and I had it written down on the calendar. I didn’t want my husband to be angry with me.

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