I wondered if I should be using a HEPA air filter?

My wife and I had been talking about the need to change our current air filters and to install HEPA air filters instead.

The Covid 19 scare had us wondering if we could be carrying germs and viruses into our home.

We were already doing everything we could to keep our home clean, but we never thought about the HEPA air filter. I knew that HEPA air filters were used in hospitals and anywhere that it was crucial to have excellent air quality. I also knew that it was expensive to buy HEPA air filters. My wife was positive that we needed to have HEPA air filters, but I wanted to get more information. I called the HVAC company first. I wanted to know if we were able to use the air filters in our HVAC system. I worried that I would put the HEPA air filter into my heating and air conditioning system, that something would go wrong with it. When the HvAC company looked at my system, they told me I could put the HEPA air filter into my system, but if I was worried about the cost, there were other alternatives. The HEPA air filter is able to rid the house of 99.9% of the germs,viruses and pollutants. He had an air filter that cost ⅓ of the HEPA air filter. It was able to remove 99.7% of germs, viruses and pollutants. He said that .2% wasn’t worth the extra money. We’re wearing our masks whenever we leave our home, and social distance. Now we are also making sure our home is as healthy as possible, and still not wasting our money.


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