I wanted those coupons and discounts.

I was totally stunned when we had our annual inspection done on the heating and air conditioning system.

We found out that we had to have the entire system replaced.

The HVAC system was in the house when we bought it, nearly ten years earlier. In all this time, we never had any problems with the HVAC, except for the normal maintenance. Even the HVAC tech was surprised that there were so many parts that needed to be replaced. Unfortunately that is the reason we have the yearly inspections done. When we found out the entire HVAC system needed to be replaced, I went online and began to look for coupons and discounts. I don’t like to buy anything unless I am able to get some kind of discount. I had already done research on how much the new system was going to cost, and I knew we couldn’t afford to have the new system installed. I got quotes from three different HVAC companies other than the one we had been using. I thought that if I would be able to get a lower estimate, our regular HVAC company would match it. We received one quote that was almost $300 less than that from our company. I also found a coupon for 10% any work or systems that was over $5000. I talked to my HVAC technician when he came over to the house to do the measurements for the new HVAC system. I showed him my coupon and the quote. He called his company and he told us they were willing to do the price match and they accepted the competitor’s coupons. In the end, we saved almost $1000 and we still got to use our normal HVAC company.


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