Covid can survive the winter.

Most of the people I know think that this pandemic is going to end when the weather gets colder..

From everything I’m reading the pandemic is going to survive the winter and most of the following year.

I am doing everything I can to prevent the virus from affecting my family and I. I make sure our family has their masks on whenever they go out of the house. We avoid anyone who doesn’t wear their masks. We all wear gloves whenever we go into stores where someone may have touched what we are touching. I know it is probably strange that I am taking these precautions, but my family is healthy. We even have our home coronavirus proofed. We bought a new air purification system for our house. We have an air purifier that uses HEPA air filters. The HEPA air filter is able to remove up to 99.97% of all airborne virus pathogens. Between the HEPA air filter and the UV technology, my home is healthier and our air quality is better than it has ever been. My friends are tired of our not joining in when they have parties and picnics. This year we weren’t even invited to Fourth of July parties, or to Labor Day picnics. It hurts that no one respects my fear of this virus, but I can’t help it. We can’t afford for any one of us to get sick. I’ll remain in my own bubble with my air purification unit. I’ll know that we are perfectly safe thanks to the air purification system with its HEPA air filters and UV light purification.

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