Air filters are getting fancier

Did you guess that you can go out and buy air filters that are made with special scents? I did not guess that until I made a recent trip to the hardware store.

I usually buy our air filters online, but recently I’ve been swapping the air filters more frequently since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in our state.

I ran out of air filters quickly and the online distributor is out of our special HVAC size. I decided to go to the hardware store to find something that would be able to fit our Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. I was incredibly surprised by the very sizable selection, which included more than 20 or 30 odd air filter sizes and shapes to choose from; Each shape and size had odd filters for odd needs, however I saw that some were made for official and normal everyday use and some were made to more easily detach tobacco odors, pet odors, or other indoor irritants. I also found that some air filters that were made with special odors like lavender, citrus, vanilla, and even a warm cinnamon. The hardware store also had another product that clips directly to the front of each indoor air vent. It looks like a vehicle deodorizer and I think it odors genuinely nice. I decided to buy some clips for the indoor air vents. My new favorite scent is plums and cinnamon. Even though the scent dissipated in our house after a few days, I thought the new home was smelling entirely nice for numerous minutes. If I was entertaining guests, it would likely be much nicer and cooler than lighting a dozen odd candles.



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