We are buying a rental cottage

My husband and I are going to buy a rental cottage, but we want to make sure that it has two things before we decide on which one to purchase. We have been looking for a rental cottage for a while, because we want a place to go on vacation whenever we want without having to pay for it or have to worry about making reservations. We also wanted to be able to rent the place out when we weren’t going to be there so that essentially, the cottage would almost be paying for itself. Anyway, we are looking for a place that has a great little wood burning fireplace in the living area so that we and our guests can enjoy it throughout the fall and winter. I don’t know about you, but for us there is nothing like snuggling up in front of a wood burning fireplace to warm up and get all cozy and warm when the weather starts cooling down. Other than the fireplace, we have one more characteristic that we definitely want the place to have, and that’s air conditioning. A lot of older homes and cottages like the ones we are looking at don’t come equipped with air conditioning of any kind, and that is a deal breaker for us. Even though we love being warm and cozy in the winter, in the summer it’s a different story and we are all about cooling off in the A/C! I’m optimistic that our realtor will be able to help us to find a place that has both a fireplace and air conditioning.

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